Tattoo Care Tips You Should Know

Tattoos can be a sign of beauty or ascription to cultural norms, customs and beliefs. For some, having mermaid inscription on the neck makes them identify with a celebrity.  However, do you know how take care of your tattoo to avoid infections? For example, what is the right antibacterial bathing soap for tattoos? Do you need to apply a special kind of oil?

The truth is that most people are oblivious of infections that may come about as a result of poor body care, and even with the advice of a tattoo artist, sometimes one’s forgets. However, having a symbol etched on your skin shouldn’t be the end of a beauty story. Apart from following instructions on how to take care of your new acquisition, this post helps you exemplify more care and maintenance tips. Take a look.

Use Moisturizing Creams

Moisturizing creams are effective tattoo care necessities.  A good example is Bepanthen, also known as nappy rash cream.  It is, however, important to ask your artists for the best variant. For effective care, apply a thin layer of the cream and leave it open. Repeat the process at least three to five times a day.

Always Keep Your Tattoos Dry and Clean

Dump skin is prone to fungal attack, and it could get worse with wet tattoos. Therefore, another way to go about caring for the marks on your skin is by making sure they remain dry throughout. You may want to ask, what about taking a shower or bath? Well, the former is okay, but not the latter.  Most importantly, always cover your tattoos with gauze or clingfilm to wade off any doubts regarding infection risks.

Don’t Expose Your Tattoo to Direct Sunlight

Moreover, avoid exposing your tattoos to direct sunlight.  It is particularly a no-no for coloured tattoos because they tend to fade with continued exposure to UV rays.  Therefore, before yours heals completely, cover it with sunscreen for tattoo to be on the safe side.

If Necessary, for Re-touch

As tattoos heal, they may run against clothing and flake or scrub off. If this happens, to not risk picking as it would further remove ink. The best thing to do is go back to your artist’s studio for retouch.  You can do so, say after six weeks. After all, no tattoo artist wants a bad reputation, and retouch is one way through which they save face.