Skin Lightening Treatments

If you wish to possess a flawless and radiant looking skin, you can opt for the following skin lightening treatments in Delhi, India at SCULPT Clinic:

Pumpkin Facial:

If you have dark spots and you are looking for a technique in Delhi, India to get rid of them, opting for pumpkin facial would be the finest idea. The main aim of a pumpkin facial is to eliminate the topmost level of dead skin from the epidermis, which uncovers the anew developed skin beneath.However, pumpkin peels are milder paralleled to other chemical peels. The pumpkin peel facial is completed using a natural pumpkin. This is very advantageous as pumpkin is really good for rejuvenation of cells and, henceforth acts as a defensive agent against ageing, dryness and acne spots. Pumpkin peels are apt for anyone, particularly for the people with delicate skin. Instead of applying acid, these peels depend intensely on enzymes and vitamins to eradicate the top layer of skin. This is actually a great skin glow treatment to revitalize your face as it is not as deep as chemical peels.

It does not have any traceable peeling effect. It is an immaculate solution for instant clearness and velvetiness of the skin. There are plentiful benefits of the pumpkin peel facial treatment. It cures hyper-pigmentation, reduces fine lines, cleans skin pores, stimulates cell regeneration and exfoliates the skin to repair its tone and quality. It also aids as an anti-ageing upkeep process.

Chemical Peel for Skin Lightening:

Nobody can deny that fact that a glowing, blemish-free skin can add a magic to the overall personality of a person. If you wish to possess a skin that has a perfect tone and scar-free texture, then, pumpkin facial treatment in Delhi at SCULPT Clinic can help you to do so.It is one of the most preferred and spotless way to deal with the problems of skin discoloration and blemishing.

This form of skin lightening treatment encompasses using chemical solutions to eradicate dead skin tissues. This treatment is majorly responsible in helping to lessen wrinkles, patchy coloration, acne marks and dark spots. However, there are certain concerns that you might have to deal with if you opt for this process such as irritation, swelling or redness and other allergic retorts. A chemical peel solution may be applied to the entire face or just on certain areas, which are to be treated as per the patient’s necessity and his desires, such as the crow’s feet zone around the eyes or the upright wrinkles near the mouth. The doctor who is supervising your treatment will decide that how long the solution has to be left on your face by vigilantly witnessing any fluctuations in the appearance of your skin.

Glutathione Injection for Skin Whitening:

This is an apt skin darkness treatment or skin whitening treatment that can aid you to deal with the visible skin darkness on face. Glutathione has been cooperative in considerably stimulating the level of GSH red cell blood count.Glutathione is considered to be a pronounced antioxidant and is also a very operative whitening agent. Primarily, gluta is an anti-oxidant that purifies the liver and takes off free-radicals. It is harmless for everyone, irrespective of age and it truly works well to whiten the skin. As a matter of fact, Glutathione is a substance that is present in our body since our birth. However, the quantity of Glutathione that is required for us to remain healthy and fit declines as we grow in age. Therefore, Glutathione is best if it is given through injections.

Injectable Glutathione is absorbed effectively by the body and delivers quick results. It aids in skin lightening by reducing the melanin growth of the epidermis going up to the dermis and also works as a strong antioxidant to prohibit ageing. By experiencing this procedure, you can own gleaming and healthier skin than before. There are definitely no side-effects of using gluta even in the long tenure. For augmenting the energy levels of the skin, you have to apply sunblock cream to exposed parts of your body and the face.

Skin Fairness Regime:

It is the prime desire of many people to have a fair complexioned skin that glows and emits radiance echoing a healthy skin texture and tone. It is very true that our skin covers our whole body and its appearance can speak volumes about our overall health.As our skin ages, it usually begins to lose bounciness. This pooled with deprived diet, a desk bound lifestyle, deficient water intake, lack of proper sleep, sun exposure, strain and even environmental impurities hurries up the aging process and all these factors are largely responsible for causing discoloration of the skin. Skin staining is due to many reasons like melasma, sun impairment, acne, post inflammation, hyper coloration and even bug bites in certain cases. You can get rid of these distressing factors that hinder you to have a flawless and perfect skin tone by following an all-inclusive program of skin fairness regime.

In this skin whitening procedure, there are mainly 4 steps involved i.e. cleansing, toning, moisturizing and exfoliating. Besides a consistent skin fairness regime, you should also guard your skin from the sun. Over-exposure to sun can be unreasonably destructive for your skin. The UV rays not only darken the skin, but they also result in untimely aging, crumpling, drooping of skin, and discoloration.

Q Switch Laser:

The removal of freckles and distressing skin pigmentation issues is now possible with the help of many dermatological lasers such as the Q-Switch lasers. Cosmetically, the consequences are much more beneficial than the other non-laser methods.Therefore, most people are turning towards this skin tanning removal procedure for getting their even skin tone and fair complexion back. One of the main reasons that drive people towards Q switch laser treatment is that it is one of the most safe and painless cosmetic treatments.

The procedure of using the Q-Switched lasers is to target the laser light (wavering 3-8mm circle) over the patch or color abrasion and then firing one or more pulsates of the laser light till the whole area of coloring that required treatment has been shielded. Contingent on the area being cured, the laser is comparatively painless. Curative time after the laser usage is amid 5-14 days as it depends on person to person.